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Vision Better Pills for Eye Care - Dietary Supplement of Natural Herbs. Vision better pills care for eyes, no glasses, no laser, maintain good eyesight. Effective for teenage nearsighted or shortsighted.

不戴眼鏡﹐不照雷射 - No Glasses, No Laser
目明丸 - Vision Better Pills
天然中草藥制劑 - Dietary Supplement of Natural Herbs

MuMingWan formula combines herbs traditionally used to assist the body's ability to maintain eye health and enhance vision. Benecial diet for children's eye growth*

品名漢語拼音: Mu Ming Wan - Chinese product name in Pinyin: Mu Ming Wan.

性狀﹕本品為棕黑色顆粒水蜜丸﹐味苦而甜 - Description: Brownish black pills, and taste bitter and sweet.

主要成份﹕當歸﹐丹參﹐白術等14味中藥 - Ingredients: Root of Chinese Angelica, Root of Prezewalsk Sage, Rhizome of Large-head Atractylodes, and total 14 Chinese herbs.

功能﹕保養眼睛﹐ 增強視力 - Purpose: Maintain eye health, and enhance vision.

適應症﹕青少年近視﹐常人弱視 - Indications: Children's near-sight, and general weak eyesight.

服法﹕口服﹐每日二至三次﹐每次9克(約裝滿一瓶蓋)﹐溫水送服 - Directions: Oral administration, 9 grams (about one full bottle cap) each time, 2 or 3 times daily. Take with warm water.

不良反應﹕未發現 - Adverse reactions: Not found.

包裝﹕每瓶裝120克 - Package: Bottle of 120 grams.

貯藏﹕密封﹐置陰涼處 - Storage: Keep container closed. Store in a cool place.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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